Tianjin Property Rights Exchange (TPRE)

Established in 1994, Tianjin Property Rights Exchange (TPRE) is one of the largest marketplaces in China for both national and international organisations to undertake property rights transfers of all kinds including real assets, equities, debts and intellectual property rights. It is one of the only three national institutions permitted by the Chinese Government (the others are Beijing and Shanghai) to transact assets and equity of State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) across provincial boundaries.

Unlike in Britain, a large proportion of assets in China still remain in state control. SASAC (The State-owned Assets Supervisory Administration Commission) is responsible for overseeing state owned companies and is charged with approving their budgets and receiving reports on financial progress. Under SASAC, the Property Rights Exchanges (PREs) are responsible for brokering contracts on the sale, acquisition, and disposal of state assets in each province and major city. Apart from state assets, some of the major PREs (like Tianjin) are also authorised to broker deals for private companies. Given the rapid development of the business climate in China, there are many opportunities linked to these movements.

Seven sub-markets were set up under TPRE, including Tianjin Equity Exchange, Tianjin Financial Assets Exchange, Tianjin Technology Equity Exchange, Tianjin Rural Assets and Equity Exchange, Tianjin Cultural Assets Exchange, etc.

TPRE works closely with overseas stock exchanges, brokers, investment companies and funds. It has representative offices in London and Frankfurt, and has formed alliances in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. The Director Mr. Gao Luan pays frequent visits to London and is keen to research opportunities here in the UK.