Creating Solutions


Whether it is sourcing high-end fashion labels for China or re-negotiating commercial relationships PanCathay has worked with government and private enterprise to provide creative solutions to challenging commercial situations.

PanCathay introduced a Chinese on-line fashion retailer to the UK market and helped them identify a dozen UK brands to suit their specific requirements.

PanCathay worked with a British Standards organisation to help them re-define their relationship with their Chinese counterpart.

PanCathay commissioned Cass Business School, along with leading experts in the fields of IPO and M&A, to present to Chinese delegates with a keen interest in investing in the UK.

PanCathay worked with a UK pharmaceutical start-up to identify sources of funding for their China venture.

“When we first established our presence in the UK we were introduced to PanCathay. They were really helpful in getting us up and running. They provided us with office accommodation and a working Chinese office environment. It was great to be able to have this kind of support in the beginning, when we had so many things to do. Their network of contacts both for business opportunities and services was extremely useful. They have become firm contacts and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to any Chinese enterprise getting started in the UK .”

John Barton, General Manager Europe, Pactera Technology International Ltd