Our Team


PanCathay’s unique skill amongst the wealth of support now on offer to companies is that we have a thorough understanding of both western and Chinese business environments and cultures. We provide practical support to UK and Chinese entities alike to help both sides build successful trading relationships.

We offer a range of services, from the very basic, such as briefing and orientation, to more complex tasks such as identifying suitable partners or location for your business and assistance with negotiation with your Chinese counterparts. We will step in to provide short term help, but also support you throughout the complete process of establishing your presence in China.

Through an initial discussion we are happy to explore what might be appropriate for your company. We are noted for our fast response and flexible service focussed on your needs. Our sole aim is to help you succeed in China.

“If you want the benefit of a well crafted network and the influence it advances, then PanCathay are the people for you. If you are after an understanding of how the two cultures, Chinese and European, work in harmony and where their common interests meet, then Madeleine Sturrock is the person to help your business. I have known PanCathay since its establishment in 2003. They are a specialist and energetic team focussing exclusively on China with over 25 years experience of the market.”

Robert Hurley, Head of Sector Teams, London International Trade Team, UK Trade & Investment